Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Giving you a glimpse of your competition...

Hello WienerFest 2010 competitiors! 

Can you believe the big event is just 1 month away?!  Well I hope you are training, you'll need more than speed and strength to win this competition, you'll need dexterity, mental agility and resiliance and a sense of humor as well!  It is going to be one tough competition for both the hot dog eating contest and the decathlon!

Now we know you can't totally prepare for the decathlon because you don't know what the obsticle course will hold other than those things we've revealed (tricycles and slip n' slide), so the WF staff thought we'd giving you a little bit information on your competitors to get you pumped up and ready.  What do you think?  ARE YOU READY?!  Here is a little look at your competition:

Emily Dossett-  A kind and gentle person, good drawing and art... but look out, cause this one isn't afraid to get down and dirty with the boys!  She has plays various sports and is ready to "take you down!" (competing in decathlon)

Larry Smith- One of the funniest uninhibited people on the planet!  He may be the oldest person competing, but I can tell you that he may also be the fittest person competing!  He has been on the Apollo Ono diet as part his training regimen- serious stuff. (competing in decathlon)

Jason Barrett- Get out of the way, this former Army Platoon Sergeant wants that hot dog costume like nobody's business!  Not only is he ready to compete, but he intends to be there in style....oh yeah, it's gonna be good....  And, he has the entire Barrett clan supporting him both locally and from afar. (competing in decathlon and hot dog eating contest)

Pete Sanderson- A big looking and tough guy with awesome Karate skills, but he has a soft spot...he loves Koala Bears.  Perhaps you can distract him with a stuffed one- tee hee!  However, he is so determined to win these contests that he will bring his cape to ensure he has aerodynamics on his side. (competing in decathlon and hot dog eating contest)

Rachel Berger- A real spit fire this one!  She is a multilingual athlete who is really gregarious and outspoken according to her brother!  She is currently training for the STP and loves to do Capoeira.  What is Capoeira you ask?!?!  Pretty awesome, check it out here. (competing in decathlon)

Tod Haggard- Come on, dish it out....Tod can take it.  Tod has competed in many triathalons and did his first Iron Man competition in 2006!  Look out, that one is gonna be hard to beat! (competing in decathlon and hot dog eating competition)

Danielle Harden- Now this lady is certainly tall and lean, but that doesn't mean she isn't tough.  A mother of three children (that's right three!) she is nimble and quick and don't even try playing mind games with her, she's seen them all! (competing in decathlon)

Eric Roberts- Also a seasoned triathalete, his fave tri is Sea-Fair (I think it has something to do with pirates).  In fact, I think he loves anything pirate related, including loot and booty! ;) He has always dreamed of competing in a food eating competition and now he is living that dream! (competing in food eating competition)

OK, now if you  haven't started preparing, there is no time to waste!  Get moving!  Focus, focus, focus!

For those of you feeling inspired or perhaps like this competition has nothing on you- there is still time to register for either contest- email for a registration form.


  1. Are you going to have Queen's "We Are the Champions" playing the entire time we are competing? If so, you and I are on the same page. If not, you can borrow my tape. Its the only track and its on re'PETE'

  2. If you can bring your boom box you have a deal! ;)


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