Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The inspiration behind it all!

This bad boy right here (referring to the costume, not the man), this is the inspiration behind WienerFest 2010.  Jeremy, my husband, found this costume while working late one night- yes, very random and wierd, but he works for a company that sells everything and so they have everything at hand.  Anyway, he decided to put it on and take a picture of himself just to liven things up.  Me of course being the wonderful wife that I am....decided to post this lovely photo on my Facebook page.  Low and behold a few friends were arguing over which of them "deserved" to have this high quality item/costume- as if either of them deserved it! ;)  So I said, "how about a little friendly competition to win the costume?"  They said, "OK" and that was all the inspiration I needed to decide that there should be some ridiculous  obstacle course race similar, something you might see at a rush event or in that show Double Dare (remember that show) that was focused all around hot dogs.   At that moment, WienerFest 2010 was born!

What more can I tell you?  You likely want to know more about the event and what it entails. Basically, there will be a decathalon obstacle course complete with ketchup and mustard themed challenges, in the end the winner takes home the costume.  There will be other events as well, a raffle for a BBQ themed prize, a hot dog eating contest and possibly a few others that we have in the works.  You can either come and watch as the participants make fools of themselves, or come and make a fool of YOURSELF! :)  Participation is optional and requires a registration form- contact me to get one.  There will also be hot dogs for consumption, shirts and raffle tickets to buy, etc.  Basically, this is just going to be one fun hot dog party.  Don't worry though if you are a vegetarian, no body has to eat a hot dog and we will likely have veggie options if they are requested.  So there you have it folks, a silly little picture that turned into a silly little idea that is hopefully (cross your fingers) turning into a big event that will be filled with fun. 

The following post will be filled with FAQs, but we also welcome you to contact us with questions.  Also, please become a fan on our Facebook fanpage, link to the left.

Hope to see you there!

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