Monday, April 19, 2010

Staff Bio #3- Who's that cute Lil Smokie?!?!

This little munchkin here is Sophie aka Soap Suds.  She is the definition of fun!   WienerFest 2010 just wouldn't be WF with out her.  She is a petitle little thing, so instead of calling her a Weenie like the other's let's just call her our Lil' Smokie! :)

Q. Do you remember your first time eating a hot dog?
A. YUCKY! (she's tatsted them but doesn't like them, only eats the bun).

Q. How many hot dogs do you think you eat each year?
A: Yucky!

Q. Do you have a month when you eat more hot dogs that usual?
A. No, no, no, no NO!

Q. What is your favorite brand of hot dog?
A.  Mommy silly...

Q. Where is your favorite place to eat hot dogs (home, Costco, baseball game, after a night out, etc)?
A. (Costco buns)

Q. What are your favorite hot dog toppings?
A. More ketchup please...(ketchup and bun, that's all she eats)

Q. What is your favorite hot dog fact?
A. Woof

Q. Why did you decide to be part of the planning committee for WF?
A. Daddy do.

Q. What are you looking forward to the most at WienerFest?
A. Slide, swings!  (WF will be at a fun park with kids toys)

Q. Please tell us one more thing about you think we the readers would want to know.
A.  Kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty, ahhhhhhhh DIAPER!  (she was making up a song in the car. Her new Hello Kitty doll/toy was dancing...)

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