Saturday, April 17, 2010

Staff Bio #2- One more Weenie!

Today's bio is all about Jeremy Welch, that's right Mr. Hot Dog costume himself!  Check it out...

Q. Do you remember your first time eating a hot dog?
A: No, I don't remember the first time I had a hot dog.

Q. How many hot dogs do you think you eat each year?
A: roughly 20

Q. Do you have a month when you eat more hot dogs that usual?
A. Probably July or August

Q. What is your favorite brand of hot dog?
A. Ball Park I guess, beef hot dogs are the best, although I'll eat any of them.

Q. Where is your favorite place to eat hot dogs (home, Costco, baseball game, after a night out, etc)?
A. At the baseball game.  I like to eat one outside the park and then one when I get in.
Q. What are your favorite hot dog toppings?
A. LOTS of mustard, a little ketchup, sometimes sauerkraut is good and a little chilli cheese dog- yum!  But absolutely NO onions.

Q. What is your favorite hot dog fact?
A.  That someone can eat 60+ hot dogs in 12 minutes at a hot dog eating contest.  That is just ridiculous!

Q. Why did you decide to be part of the planning committee for WF?
A. Cause it's freakin' hillarious!

Q. What are you looking forward to the most at WienerFest?
A. The decathalon, I want to watch people get really messy and make spectacles of themselves over a hot dog costume...and eating a couple of hot dogs.

Q. Please tell us one more thing about you think we the readers would want to know.
A. I also like corn dogs- mmmmm...good!  Oh and I don't like ketchup on them.

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